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At our clinic we offer a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic options that will certainly fit all your needs.

Nevertheless, in order to optimize our services we offer three health plans, specifically designed to provide exceptional health care, while keeping affordable prices.

A plan for every need

Our feature health plans include routine annual exams, fertility assessment & infertility management, and pregnancy & childbirth care.

Your personal plan is affordable

Diagnostic Check-Up

Gynecological Exam or Routine Blood Test

Your routine annual exam
Routine Laboratory Check-up: basic blood exams
Gynecological Exam: Pap test and Ultrasound
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Fertility Assessment

And Infertility Management

Comprehensive approach
Go Fertile Fertility test suitable for women, men and couples
Medical consultation with our team to discuss your case
Personalized management of infertility
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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Medical care from conception till delivery

Global care of your pregnancy and labor
Medical consultation
Diagnostic Exams
Routine Ultrasounds
Maternity visits
Labor and Delivery
Post-Partum visit
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