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Thorough evaluation to verify:

  • A problem of the blood components (white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets),
  • Anemia and its cause,
  • Inflammation,
  • A problem of blood clotting,
  • Blood type.

Measurement of the various components of the blood, urine or other biological fluids, and their comparison  to normal values.

Quantitative measurement of hormones in the blood or urine, and their direct comparison with normal values.

Examination of all biological fluids by:

  • Culture,
  • Antibiogram,
  • Microscopic examination of a fresh preparation (“wet mount”),
  • Microscopic examination of a stained preparation,

in order to detect pathologies such as inflammation and infections.

  • Quantitative measurement of immunoglobulins for detection of infections, inflammations, allergies, etc.,
  • Investigation of autoimmune diseases,
  • Anti-sperm antibodies,
  • Anti-paternal antibodies,
  • Tumour markers,
  • Cytotoxic test.
  • Detection of infections,
  • Screening for hereditary diseases,
  • Thrombophilia screening,
  • DNA Paternity testing.

Detection of toxic and narcotic substances.

  • Fertility assessment
  • Semen analysis

More information at the Fertility Department.

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