“One-Stop” fertility assessment using advanced ultrasound technology

Fertility assessment is a complicated process, which traditionally requires repeated visits to the doctor.

The use of Advanced Ultrasound Techniques is one of the most important tools in our armamentarium of diagnostic tests; it allows us to provide an estimation of the reproductive system’s function with maximum detail, during one single visit. This approach enables thorough investigation followed by consultation with a fertility specialist, who will discuss with you which are your fertility options.


  • The scan starts by assessing the uterus, to rule out any abnormality that might affect implantation (fibroids, polyps, etc); it also estimates the morphology and blood flow (Doppler scanning) of the uterine body and endometrial lining. A three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) exam will complete the uterine evaluation.


  • Subsequently, a thorough evaluation of the ovaries is carried out, including their volume and morphology, their blood flow with Doppler scanning and the Antral Follicle Count in order to assess your ovarian reserve.


  • Fertility assessment is not complete without evaluating the Fallopian tubes. In order to achieve natural pregnancy, the tubes must be patent (or at least one of them), as the egg and the sperm meet each other inside the tube. In general, normal Fallopian tubes are not visualized with conventional ultrasonography; only abnormal tubes containing fluid (hydrosalpinx) may be occasionally viewed. Therefore, to complete our assessment, evaluation of tubal patency is essential. At our clinic we have implemented innovative radiation-free techniques (HyFoSy), so that we can achieve an accurate, in-depth, hassle-free fertility estimation. Read more here.


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